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We have been working hard to bring Canada its first coupon clipping service website.  We wanted to combine our love of coupons with our love of helping people.   We do have some big plans in mind for this site, with our main goal in mind: To save you time and money, by helping you slash your grocery bill! We always say "Why pay full price if you don't have to?"

We have completed our update!!! You can now view the actual coupons by click on the coupon name or product picture. You can even zoom in on the coupons!  The coupons are 100% FREE you are just paying a small handling fee for our time to collect, sort and clip the coupons!


Orders made by noon Monday - Friday will be mailed out the same day

Orders made on the weekends will be mailed out on Monday (Most inserts come out on weekends, So we are busy collecting/sorting/and clipping. If we can get your orders out before the weekend is over we definitely will!)

 **E-Checks orders will be mailed out as soon as they clear!

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Thank you for visiting. Happy Couponing!

We started Weclip.ca May 15, 2012. We enjoy bringing everyone more savings! We keep the site up and running around our regular jobs and do our best to provide excellent customer service! We do our best when new coupons come out to collect as many as we can to pass the savings on to you!